Chen Shaoxiong - Times Art Center Berlin (TACB)

Chen Shaoxiong - Times Art Center Berlin (TACB)

01 December 2018 - 13 April 2019

The D-Tale, Video Art from the Pearl River Delta
Inaugural exhibition

Curated by HOU Hanru, co-curated by XI Bei

1 December 2018 – 13 April 2019

Press Preview: 30 November 2018, 12 pm

Opening: 30 November 2018, 6–9 pm
In its inaugural three-part exhibition, Times Art Center Berlin will present a vital component of the Chinese art world which remains lesser known to international audiences and is under-represented on the global art scene, namely the contemporary art production from the Pearl River Delta (PRD). A highly specific region of China with its distinct cultural characteristics and traditions, the PRD has been closely related to international influences and interwoven with popular culture from the beginning. Frequent exchanges between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the impacts of Hong Kong’s popular culture, film, television and pop music concerning visual culture, coupled with a sensitivity for and references to international new media art, led to rapid experimentation in video art across the entire PRD.
Participating Artists:

01.12.2018 - 12.01.2019
ART JONES, CAO Fei 曹斐, CHAN Chui Hing Nose 陈序庆, CHEN Shaoxiong 陈劭雄, CHEN Tong 陈侗, CHOW Chun Fai 周俊辉, HO Tzu Nyen 何子彦, HUANG Weikai 黄伟凯, JIANG Zhi 蒋志, LIANG Juhui 梁钜辉, LIN Yilin 林一林, LIU Chuang 刘窗, OU Ning 欧宁, João Vasco PAIVA, Ellen PAU 鲍蔼伦, SONG Ta 宋拓, TANG Kwok Hin 邓国骞, TSANG Kin-Wah 曾建华, Morgan WONG 黄荣法, WONG Ping 黄炳, WONG Wing Sang 黄永生

18.01.2019 - 23.02.2019
CHEN Shaoxiong 陈劭雄, CHEN Tong 陈侗, CHENG Chi Lai Howard 郑智礼, Isaac CHONG Wai 庄伟, Simon DENNY, HUANG Xiaopeng 黄小鹏, KWAN Sheung-Chi 关尚志, Linda LAI 黎肖娴, Warren LEUNG Chi-Wo 梁志和, LI Liao 李燎, LIN Yilin 林一林, LIU Chuang 刘窗, Phoebe Ching Ying MAN 文晶莹, PAK Sheung-Chuen 白双全, Eric SIU 萧子文, SONG Ta 宋拓, TSANG Kin-Wah 曾建华, YANG Yong 杨勇, Samson YOUNG 杨嘉辉, Ming WONG 黄汉明, WONG Ping 黄炳, ZHOU Tao 周滔

01.03.2019 - 13.04.2019
ALLORA & CALZADILLA, CAO Fei 曹斐, CHEN Shaoxiong 陈劭雄, CHOI Sai-Ho 蔡世豪, FANG Lu 方璐, May FUNG 冯美华, HO Sin Tung 何倩彤, KWAN Sheung-Chi 关尚志, LI Xiaofei 李消非, Natalie LO Lai Lai 劳丽丽, Anson MAK Hoi Shan 麦海珊, MAP OFFICE 地图署, QIN Jin 秦晋, SHI Qing 石青, Koki TANAKA 田中功起, Jalal TOUFIC & Graziella Rizkallah TOUFIC, WONG Wai Yin 黄慧妍, XU Tan 徐坦, ZHU Jianlin 朱建林