Liu Ding - The Cerruti Collection

Liu Ding - The Cerruti Collection

11 May 2019 - 06 January 2020

By Artists: From the Home to the Museum, from the Museum to the Home. Homages to the works of the Cerruti Collection. Chapter 1

For the opening of Villa Cerruti, Liu Ding (b. 1976, Changzhou, China) has created an installation entitled The Orchid Room: Cerruti’s Attic and Earthly World (2019) specifically for Castello di Rivoli. Unlike European botanical gardens, used to study plants, in China orchid gardens are one of the favourite haunts of intellectuals and poets.The Orchid Room by Liu Ding brings together the spiritual heart of the Cerruti Collection – his ‘home-sanctuary’ – and Cerruti’s everyday life as a bookbinder in one single space. On one side of the installation you can see the pieces created by Liu Ding starting with a few objects belonging to Cerruti, whereas on the other side white and blue patterns resemble the gates of his bookbinding company Legatoria Industriale Torinese. The celebration of beauty and daily life alternate in a game of mirrors.

In his work, Liu Ding combines the work of both the artist and curator, as well as historical and literary research, in order to investigate the intellectual roots and ideological strategies of the aesthetic and cultural products from contemporary China.