Ruben Pang -  True Solarization

Ruben Pang - True Solarization

02 March - 31 December 2021

We are pleased to present a focus on the Singaporean artist Ruben Pang (b. 1990). Ruben’s artistic focuses on automatism, the neurosis and drama of the human condition. Beginning with painting, Pang’s practice has also led him to explore the dynamism and spontaneous response sculpture and the sensitivities and collaborative spirit of music production and performance.
Using a combination of oils, alkyds and acrylics the artist paints, scratches and erases his paintings using brushes, hands, palette knives and sandpaper, revealing layers of color that reflect projections of his psyche. Pang prefers aluminum panels as its rigidity reflects and captures the nuances of each moment and gesture in a way which canvas cannot. Its durability allows greater freedom to transform the image as it develops.
[…] In this land between chaos and potential opportunities, Pang creates his own universe and reminds us: “You can create a world, but you can't shape everything.”
The communicative emotion that he transmits to us through his paintings reflect the structures of language in unlikely associations. Similarly, we use slang/expressions in everyday communication that oppose grammatical rules, within painting, elements of disorder lubricate the transition from information into messages. Pang approaches his painting, specifically in his relationship with color, assigning them personalities and associations on top of their technical qualities, with whimsically misaligned elements to strengthen a reception of potential passages the composition can embark on […]
Lorenzo Belli
From the critical essay “True Solarization"



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