Joël Andrianomearisoa - Take me to the end of all loves

Joël Andrianomearisoa - Take me to the end of all loves

02 April - 31 December 2021

Joël Andrianomearisoa is always on the edges. He does not approach his work in a directway, but places it at the boundaries of the desires of whomever discovers it. His workcomes down to a question of posture. In every piece he aims to find various shades of color s as well as various attitudes of them. Each color and its attitude do not exclude the rest, if every color can embody a wave of emotions, it also gives the artist freedom to deconstruct the structure of the work. Black, milestone in the work of the artist, is the link of this accumulation of variety and overlapping. Black is handled by the artistas a color of infinite possibilities and shades. This color is designed, tested, constantly challenged, reinterpreted and renewed, to become one and, at the same time, a thousand different colors.
He listens to the pulses of life with more generosity than they are given, and finds away to be present in the world dans le nu de la vie, in the nude of life. Coming acrosshis artworks always give a deep touching feeling and a strong intensity. Much of hiswork is sparse, monochromatic, with splashes of colour as outliers. Thematically heoften centres on the concept of sentimentality, which, he said, “means everything andit means nothing”.
Urban space is a primary interest as well. The noises, smells, images, lights and incessantmovement that generate city life compose his universe without imprisoning him ina specific geographical space. His images take viewers to places even the artist doesnot expect to be. « I need to be surprised by images. The situation has to be completelystaggered. I do not consider myself as a photographer ; I am someone who makes images,» he says. Andrianomearisoa’s work is potent because it points to many things, butit is also blank space. “People say my work is very dry.” he said, “it’s dry because whenyou enter the space it’s black and it’s white and the light is everything, but actually youare a part of the work, especially your feelings are a part of it, which is very important for me.”
To compose a work, the artist needs a basic frame. Then the experiments begin, themanipulations that outline the project. « The work arises from various manipulationsthat lead me to the final result. When I set up an installation, I do not imagine its finality.I know the elements that compose it, but in the intant I set them up I discoversomething else. And that is when the work makes sense, » Andrianomearisoa says. Hispoetic virtuosity lies in his capacity to seize this moment of signification, when nobodycan tell beginning from end. The materials he chooses, so the psychical approach withart and then artwork, has a strong meaning too. Andrianomearisoa said, “I’m not onlytalking about art, I think taste can be very important for memory, a fragrance can bevery important, an object can be very important, people can be very important.” Asa consequence, his works are monochrome installations created with soft, brittle andoften ephemeral materials such as paper and fabric.
From black to white and red - the color of blood, love and passion. Combining these opposing forces and colors, the artist creates ambivalent movements of affirmation and negation, conveying a sense of fragility. Joël Andrianomearisoa draws a reflection on a sentimental desire towards the geographic longing of his homeland - Madagascar. He uses the potential of textile and color to evoke the complexities of the desire. 

In the ‘Sentimental Garden ’ series Joël Andrianomearisoa explores the epistemological, emotional and cultural complexity of the notion of the garden. Rich in symbolism and metaphor, the garden has always been a fertile source of artistic inspiration. From ancient times to the present day, the artists have developed the motif and the meaning of the depiction of the garden in many different ways.

Joël Andrianomearisoa, known for his black monochromatic installations, for the first time depicts its universe through the use of vibrant patterned fabrics featuring motifs of flowers, leafs and herbs.
Through mixing a range of colorful prints, the artist gives a shape to the multifaceted universe of emotions and memories of past events enclosed within the idea of the garden. From red, yellow, orange, to blue, green and brown floral and botanical forms.
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