Samuel Nnorom - Truth and Conspiracy

Samuel Nnorom - Truth and Conspiracy

18 May - 20 September 2023

Primo Marella Gallery Milan is thrilled to annunce for the first time the solo exhibition of Samuel Nnorom. 


Truth and Conspiracyas the theme of this exhibition suggest is a studio exploration that interrogate that metaphorical quality of material and technique into the materiality of creative existence to convey artistic response. The themederives from the rolling, concealing and unconcealing the nature of bubbles with African print wax fabric popularly known as Ankara fabric that is stitched to constitute the visual and formal element that embodies the body of work under discourse. In other words, concealing material could mean conspiracy against materiality while unconcealing material could also be refer to as being truth to materiality. However, these two word “truth” and “conspiracy” becomes the pilot to the discourse of material and process of this exhibition.