Ronald Ventura

Published by: Damiani

[...] Clearly, Ventura’s aesthetic devices have trail blazed the collective consciousness, moving from the explicitness and instantaneous response required by the hedonism and sexuality of his earlier work to the more implicit yet still seething restlessness that he manifests today. His current output is, therefore, startling in the sense that it marks what I consider to be a turning point in the professional life of the artist, a truly positive development in a career that has thus far been defined not so much by an overriding thematic thread, but rather by “bursts of energy” – perhaps the best way to describe magnum opuses such as Blancher Pink (2003) in the Paulino and Hetty Que collection; the monumental Human Study (2005), the Ateneo Art Award winning piece that cemented Ventura’s reputation; and his more recent Appetite (2008) from the National University of Singapore show “Mapping the Corporeal” and Framed (2009).

Da Fragmented Channels: Ronald Ventura and the Post-Cathode Imagination

by Ramon E.S. Lerma