Fancy Dream

Fancy Dream

Published by: Damiani
Gorgeous towering skyscrapers, the play in which the “super girl” became famous overnight, a manned space, the Olympics…those seem to build an illusion which goes beyond reality. Chinese people have never enjoyed pleasures as they can actually do nowadays thanks to the enchantment brought about by modernization, and they never seemed to be as resolute as they are now in front of any imagination on the growing utopias for the future. Just like the slogan “everything is possible”, stands out this society’s background, and the works created by this circle of young artists want to present an occasion of discussion about this contemporary issue.

In the space of the gallery, the ten artists taking part to this group work create a multicolored playground: installations, videos, photos and other artworks entwine while we lose the perception of the barriers and the borders among them. The spectator finds himself like at a fun fair, in a colorful amusement park thanks to which the canons of art and all the possible prefixed criteria change. In this way, art becomes a relief, an aesthetic pleasure, but also a box full of intriguing contents. The secret lies in enjoying life, in living this moment, which goes by really fast, and that make us feel still like a child while freeing from heavy responsibilities.

The exhibition consists in a first part at Primo Marella Gallery, Beijing and a second part at Primo Marella Gallery, Milan. The curators Zhu Tong and Eleonora Battiston sourraunded by the chinese artistic scene, have been working close with this group of young chinese artists.
From the project born two exhibitions and a catalogue "Fancy Deam" edit by Damiani, which investigates and describes the work of the group of artists.