Tribute to Photography

Tribute to Photography

Published by: Primo Marella Gallery
Starting from the 80s in America and Europe and arriving to the more recent research, which have involved emergent artists coming from China, India, South East Asia and Africa, the artworks exhibited show a complete overview about photography from the last thirty years.
The exhibition allows to think about the various changes occurred in the photography and in the reason why artists have used as firs medium the photo to express and experiment their art.
The photography as medium through which represent, mirror, research and interpret the contemporary world in all its aspects, from politics to religion; from the single to the collective; from the truth to the false; from the real to the dream.
On the occasion of the opening it will be presented the catalogue "A Tribute to Photography" with a critical essay from Demetrio Paparoni, critic and curator of exhibitions and books about the most important contemporary artists.