Marco Mazzucconi

Marco Mazzucconi

Marco Mazzucconi


Published by: Primo Marella Gallery

Primo Marella Gallery is pleased to present Promenade, a project specifically created by Marco Mazzucconi for the venue in Milan. This unseen installation, which comes from the series but and if and interwins itself with the artist’s newest production: Essere non qui , is waiting to be seen at the entrance.


The word Promenade, coming from the french vocabulary, it means take a walk, walk along, to wander. Inserted in the frenzy of the modern every-day life, it refers to a condition of a fleeting pleasure, to a desire of abstraction and temporary isolation. Also, it involves the inherent human need to re-connect with ourselves in relation to what surround us. In other words, it explores a new descovery of the self, not solely considered in its relashionship with the surroundings nor semplistically defined as constricted and bounded by time. 

The idea that emerges is that of a rebirth, of a new epiphany, but most of all, of a recovery of a personal intellectual and emotional awarness that perfectly matches with the need of a continuum of thoughts. This flow of ideas, which is intuitive and ironic, simple and casual, frequently muffled, left a part and occasionaly overpowered by the every-day weariness, still continuous dangerously and fearlessly to reveal it self as main characteristic of the exixting, of the being human. 


“We could stop expressing our thoughts; although, we could never stop thinking, especially if this attitude has been well coltivated in the past. Marco Mazzucconi is a living example of this. A brilliant inventor of shapes for about a decade since 1985, and a recognized and daring promise of the young Italian artistic landscape, Mazzucconi remained silent for almost twenty years"[1].Now he reappears with a brand new series of works that testify and present themselves as the concrete result of a thought that has never stopped . On the contrary it has continued to develop shapes and ideas even in those silent years.  

Mazzucconi, and few others of his generation, represent the prototype of the global artist, who has basically erased history to adopt geography, and has finally abdicated the utopian and unrealizable presumption of truth, in favor of a simple "I like it".