Sutures and Infinite Laughter

Sutures and Infinite Laughter

Ruben Pang

Published by: Primo Marella Gallery
Primo Marella Gallery presents Sutures and Infinite Laughter by Ruben pang.
The exhibition shows the ethereal combination of paintings, sculptures and music, including a body of twenty works of art as a result of twenty months of incessant creation between his studio in Singapore and his refuge in Sardinia.

Oil, ceramics, aluminum, alkyd resins, echoes of guitar riffs and drums intersect, once again, to capture the spectators' gazes and to reject any reference point or certainty.

Pang, invites us to wander in secret worlds and to get lost among the different interpretations that they evoke.

His works are characterized by an imminent spectrum of contrasts, such as: object versus subject, intimate versus mysterious, discipline versus hysteria. These oscillations affect us visually through aposematic colors, which characterize the jagged soul of the exhibition.

As in a concept album, his personal expositions tell a silent story that opens up to endless interpretations.