Hate you, Love you, Fuck you

Hate you, Love you, Fuck you

He Wei

Published by: Primo Marella Gallery
Primo Marella Gallery is pleased to present Hate you, Love you, Fuck you, the second great solo exhibition of He Wei, a site-specific project of investigation of the shapes and colors that from the digital investigation comes to total graphic anarchy. His research leads us to analyze the complexity of the attempt to explain «aesthetic» facts and re-elaborate the hierarchies of «beautiful». 
Hate you, Love you, Fuck you exposes the path of the artist’s research that goes from the beautiful to the ugly, from certainties to the doubt, from the external to the inner. In recent works the investigation of an emotional tumult is accentuated, which He Wei expresses with a very rhythmic language. The signs, shapes, scratches and scribbles are intertwined between the realistic figurative compositions of the anonymous bodies and the abstract chromatic inserts that force us to go beyond the real data of the visible.