Arvin Golrokh - Nothing is empty

22 September - 30 October 2022

Arvin Golrokh - Nothing is empty

Arvin Golrokh

Nothing is empty

22nd September – 30th October 2022

Opening: 22 September 2022

6 pm


Primo Marella Gallery is pleased to present the first massive solo show by the Iranian artist Arvin Golrokh.


Arvin Golrokh (Teheran, 1992) is an Iranian artist, based between Teheran and Turin (Italy), the city where he currently study at the Academy of Fine Arts.

His latest field of research concerns the comparison between the experiences in his homeland and the newer ones in the Western world. The main focus is on how and in which direction the society and the government try to control and influence people’s vision. Taking into account this consideration, he states the importance of keeping a clear and independent point of view on the world and on life. With this in mind, his family’s experiences and his past in Teheran has provided several tools to understand and analyse control dynamics.

Golrokh focuses especially on few matters that he considers essential.

The first one is the image used as tool of propaganda in order to suggest to the collective image an influenced and influencing vision. Given vision sometimes enhances and emphasises positive or engaging or comforting features of the current social organisation, however, in other occasions it utterly conceals and hides the more inconsistent and contradictory aspects.


With Arvin Golrokh the strong and tragic engine of history continues to sign the fate and the reason behind painting. Painting is therefore challenged to expand its reflection and to reinstate it as a reflection upon the world, freedom and power. The challenge is represented on the canvas, with the emotional strength of a battle, where the dark logic of oppression must fight with the bright and very determined moral vision. It is not important who wins, it is important that this process happens. Painting reveals the power ambiguous mechanism and, at the same time, it creates the energy for redemption.

- from the critical text curated by Giuseppe Frangi