Lost into a Nurse's Dream

22 September - 03 November 2017

Primo Marella Gallery is pleased to present Lost to Nurse's Dream, He Wei's first major personal show, a bold site-specific form and color survey project. Moving from digital invasion to graphic schizophrenia, the artist invites us to abandon certainties by accepting the doubt, forcing us to go beyond the actual figure of the visible.
Born in 1987 in Anhui Province (East China), He Wei studied Arts in China, then moved to Italy to attend the prestigious Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where he got in touch with an brand new existential dimension.
As Jacqueline Ceresoli states, He Wei's works follow the evolution of his painting and testify the process of personal maturity, ranging from a cold and impeccable minimalism dominated by symmetry compositional and emotional detachment in which everything is order and silence, to the tumult of instinct, with forms that want to impersonate the dark side of the soul, that neurotic and transgressive part in each individual, but which could never really emerge without the tacit consent of the will.
The artist observes the world around him and develops virtual sketches, following a well-detailed creative scheme, where everything is the calculated fruit of his mind. Even before art can explode as articulate muscle in the artist's psyche, binding it to every gesture and conditioning every possible expressive freedom. Leaving behind that American Abstract Expressionism charisma, but maintaining its graphic significance, and enriched by essential primitivism, He Wei gives birth to a sort of controlled Action Painting, where the omniscient artist consciously determines each starting point and end of the pictorial stretch.
Impressed by enigmatic minimalistic structures, Lost into a Nurse's Dream exhibits works of different sizes and materials, in which the perception of the spectator inevitably diverges with the initial assumptions of the artist: from a pink coat to a maxi-screen, a musical score In heavy black chains, the artist staged a line of figurative elements in apparently chaotic compositions that represent linear sensations and thoughts imprinted by shapes, colors, segments, parables, and points.