Hako Hankson will represent the Cameroon Pavilion - Venice Biennale 2024

60th Biennale di Venezia 2024
It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Hako Hankson as the talented representative of the Cameroon Pavilion at the 60th Venice Biennale 2024. With his extraordinary artistic vision, Hankson will bring a profound reflection on the cultural roots and contemporary challenges of his country. His work promises to fascinate and inspire visitors, offering a unique exploration of contemporary African art. Don't miss the opportunity to discover his extraordinary contribution to the global artistic landscape.
Born in 1968, Bafang, Cameroon, Hako Hankson now lives and works in Douala. A self-taught artist, Hako, whose real name is Gaston Hako, was promised a completely different future. However, he chose painting and the elements that forged his youth. With a diploma in car mechanics, he could not help decorating his classrooms from the time he was in primary school. Hako Hankson’s approach is to help and learn from his peers. Through sharing and exchange since his artistic beginnings, he has created a reception centre and a place of residence for visual artists facing difficulties. This structure, called In and off art center, was inaugurated in 2013 by his own means.
Hako grew up under the influence of the art and culture of the sources of his country. His father, the first notable of his village, was one of the greatest notables of Cameroon in addition to being a sculptor and musician at the Royal Palace. Hako was therefore brought up surrounded by objects of initiation rites: masks, statuettes, totems etc. used by his father.
February 7, 2024
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