Fenice ante fata resurgo

Arvin Golrokh's upcoming solo exhibition | Primo Marella Gallery Lugano

Primo Marella Gallery Lugano is pleased to present Fenice ante fata resurgo, the new solo exhibition by Arvin Golrokh.



15th June - 26th July 2024
Opening 15 June
 from 2 pm


The artist explores the themes of darkness and hope through the symbolism of the phoenix. The works depict an apocalyptic landscape shrouded in darkness, where oppression and hardship seem to extinguish any glimmer of light. In this bleak scenario, however, the human instinct for survival emerges like an open wound opened in the heart of darkness.
Like the phoenix rising from its own ashes, these paintings embody the potential for rebirth that germinates from the very abyss of despair. The degradation of the present condition, the hallmark of our time, is made visible in the works, inviting the viewer to a critical awareness. This aesthetic journey invites us to recognise the deceptions and justifications of contemporary society. It is a reflection that transcends the aesthetic dimension and the classical canons of beauty to a deeper philosophical level.
May 24, 2024
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